Thursday, 26 March 2015

First Trail Day!

Thanks to everyone who came out last Sunday to help out with our first official Gananoque PWA Trail Day!

We look forward to getting out there again when the snow has finished melting and the ground has dried!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Trail Day Update!

A quick update for those who can join us:
Looks like the weather will be good!

1. Footwear: the snow is melting. Waterproof and warm footwear is recommended.

2. Activities: We will be working on the following:
- Rerouting part of the first trail around an area used by hunters. We have already selected and pre-marked the route and will be trimming back some bushes, setting permanent trail markers, etc.
- Trimming back overgrowth and remarking already established trails
- Trailhead clean-up. There has been some dumping and some target practice at the entrance of the area. We will arrange for someone to collect and properly dispose of all consolidated trash after our trail day.

3. Bring: clippers, loppers, hand saws, hammers, and gloves! If you have extra tools & gloves and are willing to share, please bring them! We will be very appreciative and will make sure that you leave with everything you came with (we have some extra tools to share as well)!

4. We will finish around 2pm or a little before. If you are interested in checking out more of the area after our trail work, I'm planning to hang out and go for a hike/walk/ trail run (depending on who sticks around what people are up for).

Looking forward to seeing/meeting you all on Sunday!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Hey trail users!

Come join us as we trim back the overgrowth and reroute one of the trails at the Gananoque Provincial Wildlife Area. Bring tools (shovels, clippers, hand saws, etc.) and helping hands!

We will have snacks, trail marking materials, some extra tools, and knowledgeable people to show you around this awesome preserve.

Gananoque Provincial Wildlife Area is located just north of Route 401 on Deer Ridge Road. There is a metal green gate at the entrance, a small parking area, and plenty of additional parking along the road.

Updates about the best footwear options closer to the event on our facebook event page: 


Saturday, 24 January 2015

A note on trail markings...

A big part of the GPWA Trail Project will be to map and mark the trails that are part of the system. As of now, trails (particularly the smaller singletrack trails) are very poorly marked.  I will be posting trail maps as information is collected -  and updates when we have them.

If you're anxious to explore the area, get to it! Just want to make sure folks know what they are in for!

(photo credits: Steve Manders)